45 minutes of me: learning, creating & performing

45minutes.me is the platform for all who want to virtually share their music, art or special skills with other people.

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45 minutes

How does it work?

Start with 45minutes.me right now, ‘cause the show must go on! All you have to do is take the following three steps.

For Users

  1. Set the appointment

    Select an available time slot that suits you and book the session. You will receive an email with a link to your personal video conference. No registration or account is needed and the session is completely private.

  2. Enjoy the session

    Just open the link on your selected time slot and enjoy the personal session with the performer of your choice. The video call is private and fully encrypted. Chats are being stored for the duration of the session and then deleted from our servers. No account or registration needed.

Frequently Asked Questions for User

For Performers

  1. Host a video meeting

    You will be informed immediately when a user selected your session. Just open the link on the selected time slot and hold your 45-minute session, no account or registration is needed. Your call is privateand fully encrypted and will be deleted from our servers after the session.

  2. Get paid every Friday

    45minutes.me will make sure that you receive a payment every Friday for the sessions you have hosted – No invoicing, no hassle, it is that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions for Performer